The Realm Online Wiki

Finvarra's Fortress is highly customized to try and balance the game while adding new content.

Here is a listing of some of the unique features of the new server:

  1. Redistributed loot drops. No more finding everything in one place!
  2. Unique dungeon rewards!
  3. New dungeons!
  4. Remodelled dungeons (e.g. Naktos morgue)
  5. New Items, of course!
  6. Armor Sets
  7. Armor Procs and Weapon Procs
  8. Anti-macro dungeon entrances. Fair play for everyone
  9. No more magic mace! There are new level 1 weapons to replace it and give variety!
  10. Mythril is now base 70 AR, Obsidian is 80 and Admantium is 85
  11. Dedicated event and storyline staff to keep you on your toes!
  12. Spell damage overhaul, SDM + damage scaling per level.
  13. New melee combat calculation based on dexterity, intelligence and strength to provide more diverse build setups for melee characters
  14. Re-balanced armor and weapon weights and armor ratings to provide a more linear, balanced approach to gear
  15. No more Myst Resistance or Cast resistances! Shrugging is back!

And this is only a taste of what's there now!