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Snake pit.png

Snake pit location actually : 2S, 14E from Drune.


  • Bounties:
    • Tulor's (2020-09-15)
  • The Executioner (1/29/20)(1/10/21)
  • Finvara's Backpack (1/29/20)
  • Proficient Warlord's Boots (1/29/20)(1/10/21)
  • Proficient Thaum Boots (1/10/21)
Name Level Align Dam Traits Resist Areas
Kilrog 200-400 Evil 100-300 Bludgeon +Death Wish, 25% elem, 25% myst, 100% necro Asc, Bar, DH, Dwn, ImpH, SPit, Tulor, USH, WinW 
Dark Faery 25-35 Evil 16-24 Curses, Stun, Berserk -Fire, 25% sorc, 25% elem, 25% myst, 25% necro Bar, BW, Dev, Dwn, Enid, FaeryC, FHP, FoD, KF, SHav, SPit, THvn, WanW, WexV, WildB, WinW, Zen
Shade 50-70 Evil 25-35 +Electrical, Lightning, Curses +Acid, +Poison, 25% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro, 50% out of phase BW, DH, Enid, Laby, L-KRd, SPit, USH
Fury 100-150 Neutral 50-75 +Fire, +Poison, +Electrical, Fireball, Lightning, Curses +Acid, +Poison, +Cold, +Fire, 125% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro, 50% out of phase Anvil, Brck, DH, FHP, ImpH, SPit, THvn, Tulor, USH, WanW, WexV, WildB, Zen
Cobra 40-100 Neutral 30-90 +Poison 33% myst BW, Dev, SPit, WildB
Spitting Cobra 60-200 Neutral 80-140 +Poison 33% myst FoD, KF, SPit, WanW, WexV
Lava Serpent 120-300 Neutral 80-140 +Fire, +Poison, Immo, See Invis +Fire, +Poison, -Cold, 33% myst Brck, FoD, KF, SPit
King Cobra 200-400 Neutral 90-180 +Poison +Poison, 66% myst Asc, Brck, Dwn, SPit, WinW
Hell Snake 300-600 Evil 110-200 Fire, +Poison, Immo, See Invis +Fire, +Poison, -Cold, 33% myst Asc, Dwn, SPit
Wyrm (Baby Dragon) 500-1000 Evil 110-200 +Fire, +Poison, Immo, See Invis +Fire, +Poison, +Cold, 33% myst ADD, Anvil, Asc, SPit
Lich 50-70 Evil 50-80 Steal Life, Summon Undead, Death Wish, Death Touch, CombtTele -Electric, 100% necro, 100% myst BW, DH, FHP, Forgtn, Ful, L-KRd, SPit, Targ, USH