Overworld Dungeon Chest Drop Areas:


ADD - Anvil/GH

Barrens - Foundry

Zender's Woods - Barracks

Bloodwood - Naktos/FHP

Leinster/Kurz Road - Naktos/FD/USH

Devon Forrest - HC/ESH

Emerald Forrest - ESH

Wild Beyond - TuTu

Killing Fields - FuFu

Winter Wold  - FHP

Wexfordshire Valley - TH, IH

The Downs - IH

Wandering Woods - DH

Chest Trade In - WL 1u 5r

Talk to appropriate NPC and accept quest. Give them the chest.

At this time this Guide was made Targs, Tors and WA chests were still undiscovered.

Created By: XxShAdYxX

Special thanks go out to the following for their contributions:

Oust, Schlep, Coheed, Cambria, SOLReaper, MoonSwan, Slaymor, Chugsley

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