Naktos morgue
The map for this dungeon has changed. There is no longer the upper area with the Sarcophagus'. Mobs tend to stay in the level 100-200 range. It is obviously not been through a balance pass as mobs like the Coerced Aegiscian's seem fairly overpowered for their level. The Reanimated Seraphs also tend to hit rather hard. You will want Death Magic Protection as well as Free Will depending on the fight. Seems as if the only reason to run this is a SB of Etheralize.
Name Level Align Dam Traits Resist
Coerced Aegiscian 100-150 High Myst damage, summons elementals, self heals
Duach Cultist 100-150 Death Magic
Empowered Skeleton 150-200
Naktos 200-300
Reanimated Naktos ~500 Fears
Reanimated Seraph 150-200 High
Reanimated Thief 70-100 +Poison
Reanimated Ratlings 100-150 +Poison, many attacks