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Name Location Level Looks Like Picture Drops
Al'Ville Crystal Caverns Human in robe with 2 dwarf mercenaries
Alville 1
Archaeologist's, Heroic Tulors, Bauble of Skill
Ali Khan Ascetos Desert 1137 Humanoid with NB Sash, paired with Snakes
Snake Pit, Heroic Snake Pit, Bauble of Skill
Bloody Mary Wild Beyond 197 Banshee in pack of furies
Tulor's, Heroic Daemon Home, Heroic Tulor's, Bauble of Skill
Bloodmauler Bloodwood 111 Solo hell hound (Red in color)
Festering Hate Pool, Naktos, Bauble of Skill
Cael the Destroyer Ascetos Deep Dessert

GIANT. Head doesn't fit on screen.


Heroic Snake Pit, Bauble of Skill

Desert Madman The Barrens Wears a ViH / Jesters Hat
Imp King, Heroic Foundry, Heroic Imp Haven, Bauble of Skill
Emissary of Light Avalon Grasslands 2371 High Priestess in a Mask with Paladins and WoL's
Emissary of light
Holy Caves, Heroic Barracks, Heroic Foundry, Bauble of Skill, YMMB Shirt, Enid's Baldric?
Emissary of Night Avalon Dunes 1480 Mist mage with reapers and DK's
Emissary of night
Underground, Bauble of Skill
Gaelan Frostbeard The Downs Dwarf in pack of dwarves
Blacksmith, Heroic Foundry, Bauble of Skill
Grafvitnir Fafnir's Swamp 1805 Dark blue dragon with 2 other dragons
The Harvester Killing Fields Lich with invisible "harvested souls"
Harvester 1
Fuloran's, Heroic Fuloran, Bauble of Skill
Krisatara Crystal Caverns Female with 2 dwarf mercenaries
Archaeologists's, Heroic Forgotten, Bauble of Skill
Maremita Crystal Caverns Human with two

dwarf bodyguards 


Archeologists's, Heroic Snake Pit, Bauble of Skill  

Master of the Hunt Avalon Plains 756 Wears a wolf helmet grouped with two huntresses
Master of hunt
Warriors, Heroic Imp Haven, Bauble of Skill
Master of the Maze The Maze 1600 Harlequin. Usually wearing TMMB & NightSoul Helm
Master of the maze
Fuloran's, Heroic Undead Stronghold, Heroic Forgotton Dungeon
Mayline Heartflutter Devon Forest 285 White seraph in a pack of seraphim
Holy, Enid's, Heroic Barracks, Bauble of Skill
Ogre Patriarch Emerald Forest Ogre chief in pack of ogres
Ogre patriach
Enid's, Heroic Imp Haven, Bauble of Skill
Pancho Dark Forest 341 Wears dark hood, grouped with 2-3 bandits
Festering Hate Pool, Thief's, Bauble of Skill
The Rat King Wexfordshire Valley 73 Human with no shirt and viking helmet
Rat Charmer, Bauble of Skill
Reanimated Tulor Winter Wold 1425 Solo devil
Tulor 2
Heroic Tulor, Tulor's, Festering Hate Pool, Bauble of Skill
Snaggletooth Ratling Run 15 Larger Cave Ratling
Bauble of Skill
Spirit of Kal'Dar Leinster/Kurz Road Invisible troll caster with invisible troll entourage
Spirit of kal'dar
Heroic Undead Stronghold, Bauble of Skill
Stormbringer Ocean View Water elemental, full size with a group of ocean elementals
Heroic Daemon Home, Heroic Foundry, Ezelberoth, Blacksmith, Bauble of Skill
Thunderhoof Drear Valley 922 Tall minotaur in pack of minotaurs
Bauble of Skill
The Wanderer Wandering Woods Hooded human NPC
Ezelberoth, Heroic Daemon, Heroic Snake Pit, Bauble of Skill
Wargoyle Avalon River Big Gargoyle
New Picture
Bauble of Skill
Xavtumal Crystal Caverns 1370 Caster with 2 dwarf mercenaries
Heroic Foundry, Archaeologist's, Bauble of Skill
Zender Zender's Wood Caster in green robe and black baldric
Heroic Barrack's Bounty, Guardian's, Zender's Diary, Bauble of Skill
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