Forgotten Dungeon: Kurz,  9e, 5s

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Weapons/Shield obtained in Forgotten Dungeon

Electric Greatsword(EGS) - 2h - +Str, +Atk, +50% Elem SDM, 5% chance to cast Lightning Bolt when striking

Thunderjolt(TJ) - Thrower - +Atk, +Dodge, Innate Electric Dmg

Durendal - 1h - +Atk, +Dodge, Innate Ice Dmg, +25% Thaum SDM 

Prismatic Ward(PW) - Shield - +Dodge, 15% Magic Resistance to all circles, 30% Chance to cast Shielding when struck

Forgotten Dungeon(FD) Guide:

Unlock Spell required for this dungeon 

2nd door, south path first to last door(Cast Unlock), Chieftan key in bonepile, use key on first door in middle path

Created by: XxShAdYxX

  • All Mobs - Thunderjolt, Electric Greatsword, Density Armor, Dragonscale Plate, Plate of Insulation, Fangblade,
  • Gatherer - Seer's Saber
  • Dark Flesh Dye (drop only)
  • Saurilian Alpha - Prismatic Ward
  • Saurilian Arch Lich - Thunderjolt
  • Shaman - Durendal
  • Bonepile - Electric Greatsword, Life Leech, Dark Flesh Dye
  • The key to Minos is in the Bonepile through trap door C
  • Minos Prime - Brain Buster