The Realm Online Wiki

Gambling Den: Wen 1s

Skillbook Shops[]

Warrior - WL 3U 4R

Thief - EL 3D

Wizards - Arimathor 1N

Berals- Wen 5D 6R

Basic Equipment[]

TS/Myth Weapons/Armor: Usk 2n 1w or East Leinster 4s 1w

Leather/Steel: West Leinster 2n

Magic Shops with Spellbooks: Murias 1s or Drune 1n or East Leinster 2w

Dyes/Robes: Monmouth 1e or East Leinster 2s

Backpack and Crafting supplies: Asgard 1n

Seasonal Locations[]

Pumpkin Patch - Halloween 2018

  • Murias 2D 4R; Enter store; Go out other door
  • Usk 2U 3R; Enter store; Go out other door

Important Locations:[]