Festering hate pool.png

Loot Drop:

  • Any Familiar Gear
  • Belt of Carry (12/2018)
  • Boots of Nimbility (11/2019)
  • Bounties:
    • Festering Bounty
    • Warrior's Bounty (1/2019)
  • Etherealize
  • Gambler's Lucky Key
  • Greaves of Density (2/2019)
  • Imp Talons
  • Plate of Density (1/2019)
  • Plate of Invulnerability (2/2019, 03//2021)
  • Spell Books:
    • Unlock
    • Acid Cloud








Screeching Horror 20-35 Evil 20-40 +Poison, +Life +Drain Magic, 50% elem, 100% necro Bar, CoD, DH, OgreC, FHP, ImpC, ImpH, SHav, Targ, USH
Dark Faery 25-35 Evil 16-24 Curses, Stun, Berserk -Fire, 25% sorc, 25% elem, 25% myst, 25% necro Bar, BW, Dev, Dwn, Enid, FaeryC, FHP, FoD, KF, SHav, SPit, THvn, WanW, WexV, WildB, WinW, Zen
Wraith 18-30 Evil 18-30 100% necro, 100% myst DH, FHP, ForgD, ImpH, SHav, THvn, USH
Ghost 40-50 Evil 15-25 Lightning, Curses, FlameOrb +Acid, +Poison, +Death Magic, 25% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro, 50% out of phase DH, FHP, ImpH, L-LRd, THvn, USH
Fury 100-150 Neutral 50-75 +Fire, +Poison, +Electrical, Fireball, Lightning, Curses +Acid, +Poison, +Cold, +Fire, 125% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro, 50% out of phase Anvil, Brck, DH, FHP, ImpH, SPit, THvn, Tulor, USH, WanW, WexV, WildB, Zen
Imp King 70-80 Neutral 65-75 75% myst Anvil, BW, Dev, FHP, ImpC, ImpH, L-KRd
Thief 10-55 Evil +Death Magic Brck, BW, Dev, Emf, FHP, L-KRd, Shav, ThiefH, WexV, Whav, WildB, Zen
Warrior 10-70 Neutral BW, Dev, Emf, FHP, HC, L-KRd, Shav, WAbode, Whav
Bounty Hunter 10-150 Neutral Heal Anvil, BW, Dev, FHP, L-KRd, Shav, WanW, WexV, Whav, WildB, Zen
Cleric 35-45 Good Myth Armor; Heal Anvil, Brck, FHP, L-KRd
Priestess 70-85 Good Adman Armor; Heal +200% melee damage vs. evil, 50% myst, 50% necro Anvil, Brck, BW, Dev, FHP, HC
Wizard of Light 50-75 Good Heal, Fear, Invul, SummonFaery +200% melee damage vs. evil, 50% myst, 50% necro Anvil, Dev, Emf, FHP, HC
Devil 100-200 Evil 50-70 +Poison, Steal Life +Death Magic, 25% magic Anvil, FHP, FoD, HC, KF, THvn, Tulor, USH, WanW
Ratling 1 Neutral 1-5 Enid, FHP, RR, Tor
Swamp Ratling 4-7 Neutral 1-7 +Poison FHP, OgreC
Troll King 55-70 Neutral 60-75 EarthQuake, Fire Orb, Ice Orb, Lightning Bolt 30% sorc, 30% elem, 30% myst BW, Dev, EmF, L-KRd, FHP, ImpH, THvn
Undead Necromancer 6-12 Evil 10-20 +Life, Summon Undead -Electric, 100% necro, 100% myst DH, FHP, Forgtn, Laby, Nak, Targ, Tor, USH, WHav
Lich 50-70 Evil 50-80 Steal Life, Summon Undead, Death Wish, Death Touch, CombtTele -Electric, 100% necro, 100% myst BW, DH, FHP, Forgtn, Ful, L-KRd, SPit, Targ, USH
Wasp Worker 8-12 Neutral 10-14 ++Poison -Fire Enid, FHP, Laby, LHive, THvn, WHav
Wasp Warrior 12-16 Neutral 14-18 ++Poison, 20% Stun -Fire, 25% elem FHP, ImpH, Laby, LHive, SHav, WHav
Wasp Queen 16-32 Neutral 18-36 ++Poison, 25% Stun -Fire, 75% myst, 50% elem BW, Dev, EmF, FHP, L-KRd, Laby, LHive
Hell Hound 55-70 Neutral 50-65 Immo +Fire, 100% necro, 75% myst BW, Dev, EmF, FenC, FHP, Ful, THvn,
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