The Realm Online Wiki

Room Number Room Name Merchandise
3 Anson's Armory Weapon/Armor Shop
5 Gnarled Leg Tavern Food/Drink
6 Swap N' Shop Copper Store
7 Councillary
9 Rampart Wall
11 Hard Rock Cafe
13 The Ebyony Crystal Magic Spells/scrolls/pootions/mana Crystals
14 Troll Spit Tavern Food/Drink
15 Teleporter
19 Bright Touch Healing Healing Potions
20 Leinster clothing Ltd. Clothing & Dye
26 Barber Sion Hair Dye
29 Ivory Moon Cafe Food/Drink
34 You Name It General Store
35 The School of Hard Knocks Weapon/Shield Skill Shop
36 Sinclair The Stylist Hair Dye
42 Simon The Barber Hair Dye
43 Holistic Healers Healing Potions
44 To The Hilt Weapon/Armor Shop
45 Straight Off The Loom Clothing/Dye Shop
46 The Cutting Edge Weapon/Armor Shop
47 Good Grub Grocers General Store
56 Academy Arcanus Magic Skills
57 All Things Useful General Store
59 Bloated Swine Tavern Food/Drink
60 Cutpurse Academy Thief Skills
62 Natural Healing Healing Potions
72 Plaza Eatery Food/Drink
73 Spells of Fire Magic Skills
74 The Forge Weapon/Armor Shop
77 Troll Bragger Inn Food/Drink
78 The Ethereal Outlet Magic Spells/scrolls/potions/mana
80 The Banshee's Wail Flowers/Memento Shop