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Dungeon Town Directions Level
Anvil Arimathor 4w, 25n 400-800
Barracks Drune 8n, 3e 200-400¤
Church of Damnation Wen 2e, 9s, 1w 75-300¤
Daemon Home Drune 4w, 6n 150-500¤
Dragon Pit Wen 6n, 13e 600-1000
Enid's Safe Haven Silverbrook 2n, 6w 50-75¤
Faery Caverns West Leinster 3e, 3s, 4e 1-25¤
Fenris Cave Caer Faundry 5s 50-150
Festering Hate Pool Wen 6n, 6e 50-200
Forgotten Dungeon Kurz 9e, 5s 200-300¤
Fuloran's Abode Usk 3e, 10s 300-500
Fuloran's Abode (Heroic) From Fuloran's Abode 3d, 5e
Greater Hive Asgard 3w, 12n 250-600
Holy Caves Drune 11n, 9w 500-1000
Imp City Caer Fandry 9n 25-75¤
Imp Haven Asgard 11e, 4n 150-200¤
Imp Haven (Heroic) From Imp Haven 1s
Labyrinth Drune / Kurz 2n, 6w / 8e 1s 75-150¤
Lesser Hive West Leinster 1n, 4w, 3n 1-50¤
Naktos Morgue West Leinster 3e, 4s, 2w 200-500
Ogre Caverns Kurz 1n, 15w 25-75¤
Snake Pit Drune 14e, 2s 100-500
Targoth's Tomb Kurz 6w 25-50¤
Test of the Soul Monmouth 4w, 8n 75-150¤
The Underground A New Beginning (Use Prestige Baldy) 1n, 3e, 2s, 7e
The Foundry Silverbrook 19e
The Foundry (Heroic) Silverbrook / From The Foundry 16e, 7n / 7n, 3w
The Maze Drune 6w, 13n 600-1000¤
The Dark Gauntlet Wen 10s, 9w 100-300¤
Thieve's Hole Drune 1s, 10w 25-50¤
Tor's Crypt East Leinster 1e, 7s, 3w 1-50¤
Troll's Haven West Leinster 5n, 3e, 6n 25-50¤
Troll Hideaway Kurz 1e, 7s 25-75¤
Tulor's Caverns Silverbook 2N, 11E 250-600
Undead Stronghold Wen 4n, 7w 300-500¤
Warriors Abode Drune 6s 50-150¤
Zoo East Leinster 4e, 2n Any (No Combat)

Levels Marked with a "¤" are level ranges from very old guides; they aren't going to be VERY accurate, but they're more accurate than nothing at all, use with some caution if your trying to find somewhere to hunt.

No Longer Available Edit

Dungeon Town Directions Level
Hallow's End Monmouth 5e, 5s - Button, Lever, Sit in Chair in bonepile room while another toon opens trap door.