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Dungeon Town Directions Level
Anvil Arimathor 4w, 25n 400-800
Barracks Drune 8n, 3e 200-400¤
Barracks (Heroic) Drune 7n, 3e 600+
Church of Damnation Wen 2e, 9s, 1w 500-1000¤
Daemon Home Drune 4w, 6n 150-500¤
Dragon Pit Wen 6n, 13e 600-1000
Enid's Safe Haven Silverbrook 2n, 6w 50-75¤
Faery Caverns West Leinster 3e, 3s, 4e 1-25¤
Fenris Cave Caer Faundry 5s 50-150
Festering Hate Pool Wen 6n, 6e 50-200
Forgotten Dungeon Kurz 9e, 5s 200-300¤
Forgotten Dungeon (Heroic) Kurz 9e, 6s 500+
Fuloran's Abode Usk 3e, 10s 200-400
Fuloran's Abode (Heroic) From Fuloran's Abode 3d, 5e
Greater Hive Asgard 3w, 12n 250-600
Holy Caves Drune 11n, 9w 500-1000
Imp City Caer Fandry 9n 25-75¤
Imp Haven Asgard 11e, 4n 150-200¤
Imp Haven (Heroic) From Imp Haven 1s 100-250
Labyrinth Drune / Kurz 2n, 16w / 8e 1s 75-150¤
Lesser Hive West Leinster 1n, 4w, 3n 1-50
Naktos Morgue West Leinster 3e, 4s, 2w 200-500
Ogre Caverns Kurz 1n, 15w 25-75¤
Snake Pit Drune 14e, 2s 100-500
Targoth's Tomb Kurz 6w 25-50¤
Test of the Soul Monmouth 4w, 8n 75-150¤
The Dark Gauntlet Wen 10s, 9w 100-300¤
The Foundry Silverbrook 19e 150-300
The Foundry (Heroic) Silverbrook / From The Foundry 16e, 7n / 7n, 3w 400+
The Maze Drune 6w, 13n 600-1000¤
The Underground Avalon 1s, 6e 200+
The Unknown East Leinster 1E 1-20
Thieve's Hole Drune 1s, 10w 25-75
Tor's Crypt East Leinster 1e, 7s, 3w 1-50¤
Troll's Haven West Leinster 5n, 3e, 6n 25-50¤
Troll Hideaway Kurz 1e, 7s 25-75¤
Tulor's Caverns Silverbook 2N, 11E 250-600
Tunnels of Death Avalon (Subscription Only) 5W, 5S 1K after prestige
Undead Stronghold Wen 4n, 7w 300-500¤
Warriors Abode Drune 6s 50-150¤
Zoo East Leinster 4e, 2n Any (No Combat)

Levels Marked with a "¤" are level ranges from very old guides; they aren't going to be VERY accurate, but they're more accurate than nothing at all, use with some caution if your trying to find somewhere to hunt.

No Longer Available[]

Dungeon Town Directions Level
Hallow's End Monmouth 5e, 5s - Button, Lever, Sit in Chair in bonepile room while another toon opens trap door.