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Note: this article contains information that appears to apply to the Mistwalker server, therefore, be aware that some information here may not apply to the Finvarra's Fortress server at all or there may be significant differences between the servers. Once this information has been verified and updated to contain information for Finvarra's Fortress, where appropriate, please remove this message.

Clothes are a simple extra layer of covering that a player may wear; males may wear robes, and females may wear skirts. Besides being a fashion statement, clothes offer another piece of gear that may be enchanted for beneficial purposes, and some clothes have inherent magical properties, as well.



Character Level Baldrics[]

Color Level Title
Gray 3 Rookie's Sash
Brown 50 Novice's Strap
Magenta 100 Journeyman's Cincture
Pale Yellow 150 Intermediate's Band
Jade 200 Adept's Bandeau
Green 250 Adroit's Bond
Amber 300 Professional's Bandolier
Blue 350 Premier's Cummerbund
Aqua 400 Virtuoso's Ribbon
Light Purple 450 Ace's Decor
Royal Purple 500 Eccentric's Scarf
Bright Yellow 600 Preeminent's Truss
Red 700 Master's Obi
Tan 800 Champion's Braid
Magenta Glow 900 Hero's Band
Hunter Green 1000 Universalist's Memory

Staff Baldrics[]

Color Title
Azure Moderator
Lime Mentor
Orange Event Host
Aqua Blue Community
Black Implementor
Pink Storyline

Other Baldrics[]

Color Title Image
Cornsilk Maze Master (version 01)

Str +1 (Stat boost not active)

Tan Maze Master (version 02)

Str +1 (Stat boost not active)

Black Silk Finvarra's Sash
Grey Silk Naktos' Baldric (light fin)

Str +1 (Stat boost not active)

Teal Avalon Sky Baldric

End +1 (Stat boost not active)

Mage's Sash

Int +1 (Stat boost not active)

Brigand's Mark

Dex +1 (Stat boost not active)

White Glow Knight of Enid
KoE Baldy.PNG
Celadon Knight of the Scepter (Despothes)
KoS Baldy.PNG
Black Dark Knight (Duach)
DK Baldy.PNG
Mistwalker's Baldric
White White Baldric

Loot from Fufu and HC

Purple Purple Baldric

GM Event Item



Name Effects Found Image
Magician's Robe +1 Intel

The Underground
All Mobs, Final Chests


Long Skirts[]

Name Effects Found Image
Witch's Skirt +1 Intel

The Underground
All Mobs, Final Chests


Short Skirts[]