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MAP IS OUT OF DATE. This loop repeats 3 times, last door, when you get the signs, You look at the sign it says "don't turn back". When you continue right two-three more times, you look at the sign and it says "maybe you should", Go back 1 left to see 3 alters, then go right to continue to next room. 1 S from this room is final Boss. Recommended level is pretty high, This cave is on par with Holy Caves, just the evil version. Have been told loot drops are the same as Holy Caves with the exception of Vial of condensed night instead of vial of condensed light. Monster table is incorrect.


Vial of Condensed Night - 7/18/20








Bat 1-3 Neutral 1-6 CoD, Enid, OrgeC, FenC, HC, ImpH, RR, Targ, THvn, USH
Flying Rat 3-6 Neutral 4-8 CoD, FenC, HC, Laby, NLein, RR, Targ, Tor
Crypt Bat 5-20 Evil 9-12 +Poison 100% necro CoD, FaeryC, FenC, HC, Laby, Targ, Tor, USH, WHav
Vampire Bat 15-25 Evil 12-16 +Poison, +Life +Drain Magic, 100% necro CoD, DH, OgreC, FenC, HC, Laby, SHav, Targ, USH, WHav
Screeching Horror 20-35 Evil 20-40 +Poison, +Life +Drain Magic, 50% elem, 100% necro Bar, CoD, DH, OgreC, FHP, ImpC, ImpH, SHav, Targ, USH
Daemon 80-100 Evil 20-150 Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead +Fire, -Cold, 25% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro BW, CoD, DH, Tulor, WildB, Zen 
Daemon King 300-800 Evil 190-200 Bludgeon, +Fire, Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead, SumDaemon +Death Wish, +Fire, -Cold, 50% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro Bar, Brck, CoD, ImpH, Tulor 
Flame Ratling 12-18 Evil 3-9 +Fire +Fire, -Cold CoD, DH, Laby, USH, SHav, WHav
Plague Ratling 15-20 Evil 4-24 +Poison +Poison CoD, DH, Laby, OgreC, SHav, USH, WHav
Daemon Ratling 20-30 Evil 3-12 +Acid 25% Magic CoD, DH, Laby, SHav, Targ, USH
Damned One 10-24 Evil 15-30 Bludgeon -Bludgeon, -50% Cut Dam, 100% myst, 100% necro CoD, ImpC, Laby, SHav, Targ, USH
Crypt Keeper 65-100 Evil 30-100 Steal Life, Summon Undead, Death Wish, Death Touch, PsnBolt, CombtTele -Electric, 100% necro, 100% myst BW, CoD, DH, Forgtn, Ful, Targ, THvn, USH, WildB