Updated: Sept 30, 2018

SDM chant success

The only gear you need to be an effective enchanter is: 2 Rings of Intelligence 1 Amulet of Intelligence

To be a fully capable chanter you will need the following skills: Meditation – GM (level 5) Sorcery – GM (level 5) Elementalism – Proficient (Level 2) Thaumaturgy – Master (level 4) Necromancy – Expert (level 3)

A Perm affects the item. Improve Armor, Flame Blade and Cold Steel, Electric Charge, and Venom are all permed.

A Enchant affects the toon. Strength, Dexterity, Regen, Immo, and any element Shields are Enchanted. 

Spells that are Permed will work if enchanted, but spells that are Enchanted will not work if permed.

Suggested Chants for your gear. Only Weapons pushes into 5x making your chanting fairly safe as you don’t have to push 4x anywhere.

For Str/Dex Stacking: First chant gives +3, second +2, third +1, anything more than 4 gives 0.5/each, but you don't see the benefit until you get two of the 0.5's to make a whole number, meaning you can get a maximum of +18 if you enchant every item you can equip (Including a shield).

Item 1 2 3 4 5
Robe/Skirt Str Dex Regen Acid S.   
Belt Str Dex Regen Cold S.   
Amulet Str Dex Regen Fire S.   
Ring 1 Str Dex Regen Poison S.   
Ring 2 Str Dex Regen Lightning S.   
Baldric Str Dex Regen Immo   
Helm Imp. Arm. Str Dex Regen   
Shirt Imp. Arm. Str Dex Regen   
Pants Imp. Arm Str Dex Regen   
Cowl Imp. Arm Str Dex Regen   
Wrist Imp. Arm Str Dex Regen   
Feet Imp. Arm Str Dex Regen   
Shield Imp. Arm Str Dex Regen   
Weapon Fire Ice Venom Electric Str
   Fire Ice Venom Electric Dex
   Fire Ice Electric Str Dex
Backpack Str Dex Regen Missile S.