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Fuloran's Abode - Riddle Answers[]

Riddle Answer
I often fall but never break, and the more I come down, the higher I get Snow
I fall but never break Night
I live in a tree and sometimes fall. I do not bounce, I am not a ball Apple
Run around a garden I can but I still never move Fence
I am sometimes strong and sometimes weak, there is no language that I speak Echo
A foe I can slay, I can show the way. This I can do be it night or day Arrow
A final message when firmly inplace, most often found acrossed my face Tombstone
Often bites but seldom bit, to use me well you must have wit Tongue
You can find me in darkness but never in light, but time not in night D
Four legs have I but only one head Bed
My life is messured in hours, I serve by being devoured Candle
I turn around once, and what is out can get within, I turn again, and what is in cannot get out Key
Always tireless on his pursuit, rarely did he ever recover the loot Magistrate
I am a gist of a many a tale,it takes a cork to keep me in jail Genie
One eye stays open and still I cant see Needle
Wings have I, but cant fly. Stands in one spot, I am found toiling away with little sound Windmill
I am a bow that none can tie Rainbow
Often I get tossed a planned just to see how I will land Coin
I cover what's real, hide what is true. Sometimes I bring out the courage in you Mask
Though not a bird I can fly. Full of water it seeems am I Cloud
You can eat me, you can drink me Toast
I have a neck, but no head, I have arms, but no hands Shirt
I stand tall but sometimes fall. When it happens, pay heed the call Tree
I can be given and I can be kept, but never can be seen Promise
Mountains I can crumble, temples I can make fall, no man can survive my endless call Time
I have two skins. One without and one within Glove
Named for a mighty beast am I, but small am I, and I can fly Dragonfly
Deaf and Dumb and blind I might be, but I always tell the truth Mirror
I look like a cat, I walk like a cat, but indeed I am not a cat Kitten
I can how a row, slay a foe and wring with woe Hands
Make cheese and roast I often do. You will find that I also make a good shoe Cow
I carry a stone near as big as me. most of the time, I live in a tree Cherry
My changing shape you can see but a sphere is what I will always be Moon
I dont have eyes, but once I did see. Thoughts I once had, but empty I be Skull
Some try to hide, some try to cheat, but time will show, we always will meet Death
I am the ship that sails the sea of sand Camel
One is single, two is double, I am and..... Seven
I have two arms, but fingers none, I have two feet, but cannnot run Wheelbarrow
I am hard as hard can be. You can drink your fill though it be not tea Coconut
I can turn things but never myself in turn Mirror
Always old, sometimes new, sometimes full, sometimes blue Moon
I go into villages and I go out, but I Never seem to move Road
Your huff and puff to give me life, but never do I breath Balloon
I can keep working even when broken Heart
I can make things cooler yet make a fire hotter Fan
Name me and you destroy me Silence
No feathers to aid my flight, still by day but not at night Bat
a mouth and sometimes a fork, sometimes I am fed. But alas I never eat River
I cannot be brought, I cannot be sold, even if I am made of Gold Heart
I can turn things around but never myself turn Mirror


Stephen's Garden: Kerguelen - Then Press Button Behind the bush
Deamon Home Door: Ezelberoth
Test of the Soul: Utopia
Dark Gauntlet: Vanity
Snake Pit Chest: Hell

Tulor's Caverns - Anagram Solutions[]

Anagram Solution
aims target magistrate
ale bub bauble
and due undead
angel drop peg doppelganger
ark crabs barracks
arm vein minerva
basic or cat acrobatics
city simms mysticism
clad rib baldric
corner me can necromancer
cougar hasps sarcophagus
cut in tunic
diana rug guardian
don growls longsword
dr sull now nullsword
dr tossman sandstorm
elk stone skeleton
ever sag greaves
fried hex rows wexfordshire
gem is hurt theurgism
ham peel elphame
hen base banshee
her spa seraph
hilt ran by labyrinth
i did cur druidic
i loved rows silverweed
i roast satori
i trace nine incinerate
ibis aid note obsidianite
icon oar cup cornucopia
im bit inly nimbility
imitate don meditation
infers fenris
it bald mule multiblade
last cry crystal
loaf urn fuloran
lost reels sollerets
lute ma amulet
meld ear emerald
moaned daemon
mop chain champion
my leach alchemy
nag bad elf fangblade
no in focus confusion
no omit mail immolation
none dug dungeon
north livers silverthorn
odd main diamond
ok girl kilrog
oz the rebel ezelberoth
peel trot teleport
qua main era aquamarine
raw hit wraith
respect scepter
ring set stinger
rush nest huntress
she posted despothes
teal men smile elementalism
text ye rid dexterity
tire lens leinster
trim hag minors armorsmithing
true cups cutpurse
under cane endurance
under drune
veiled dew devilweed
wide pig pigweed
wish on a pigment weaponsmithing

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