The Realm Online Wiki

Bold items are unique to Mistwalker's server.

Name Effect Value
Clandestine Choker +1  dex, +1 attack dmp, spell resist 10%, mdm 20

(Level 200)

Choking It will instantly kill whoever wears it. 150
Clumsiness Wearing it will lower your dexterity. Cursed. 150
Cold Protection It will protect you from cold damage. 600
Combat This amulet gives you one extra melee attack per combat round. 2500
Concentration While wearing this amulet you can never be stunned.
Death Magic Protection Bonus: +50% necromancy resistance. Penalty: +50% necromancy cast resistance. 750
Dexterity It imparts extra dexterity to the wearer. 500
Dodging Wearing it will allow you to dodge one extra time per combat round. 500
Endurance It imparts extra endurance to the wearer. 600
Fire Protection This amulet will protect the wearer from fire damage. 500
Free Will This amulet provides 60% immunity to Mysticism spells. 750
Grounding You will be unharmed by electrical attacks while wearing this. 500
Intelligence It imparts extra intelligence to the wearer. 750
Magician's Charm Int +1, Death Magic Protection, All Spell Resist +10 (Level 200) 3100
Memory You are immune to forget spells or effects while wearing this amulet, and will gain 1 level of meditation skill.
Retention The wearer will be protected from Nakedness and Fumble effects. 500
Shielding It gives magical protection equivalent to a set of chain mail.
Soldier's Brooch Str +1, Atk +1, Death Magic Protection, All Spell Resist +10, MDM +20 (Level 200) 3100
Strength The wearer's strength is enhanced. 500
Stupidity The wearer's intelligence is lowered. 150
Vulnerability Wearing this amulet will halve your health. Cursed.
Weakness Wearing this item will reduce your strength. Cursed.